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How Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Relieves Shoulder Pain?

How Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Relieves Shoulder Pain?

If you are dealing with shoulder pain and other symptoms and have tried other non-surgical methods with no success, our arthroscopic shoulder surgery may be the treatment for the relief you have been searching for. At Southern Sports Medicine Institute, connect with Dr. Thomas Gautsch MD for proper guidance and treatment. Contact our clinic today or schedule an appointment online. We have convenient locations for you in Gallatin, TN and Nashville, TN.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery in Gallatin, TN and Nashville, TN
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery in Gallatin, TN and Nashville, TN

Table of Contents:

Who is the candidate for this surgery?
What is the recovery time after the surgery?
What shoulder injuries does arthroscopic shoulder surgery treat?
What happens during shoulder arthroscopy?

Who is the candidate for this surgery?

If you are dealing with limited function or issues and pain with your shoulder may be considered a candidate for arthroscopic shoulder surgery. If you suffer from shoulder degeneration and continue to not find relief for your shoulder pain or function through non-operative treatments, then our arthroscopic shoulder surgery may be beneficial as a minimally invasive procedure. 

What is the recovery time after the surgery?

Everyone will have a different recovery time after their arthroscopic surgery, yours may look different from others depending on the surgeon’s aftercare policies, as well as how patients follow the aftercare.

The main focus after surgery is healing, our care team will prepare you to return home after surgery for your recovery period. A few things we do highly recommend when it comes to your recovery is to intermittently place ice packs on the treated shoulder which will help to reduce swelling and alleviate any pain you may be experiencing. However, it is vital to ensure you do not get your incisions wet, to refrain from this, you can place a thin towel in-between your ice pack and the treated shoulder. Often, our surgeons will prescribe medications for you to take once you are home to help with the pain. Always follow the instructions that are listed on the pain medications.

Finally, our last recommendation is to get as much rest and sleep during your recovery period, while we understand it can be difficult to become comfortable, sleeping in a reclining chair or a bed with pillows propping you up can help. After your surgery, your arm will be immobilized for many weeks following your arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Resuming normal activities can be quite difficult like walking, driving, typing, etc. We may recommend that you see a physical therapist during your recovery to help regain any motion and strength within your shoulder.

Normally, patients will have a recovery time of around four to six months after surgery. It can take longer to return to any heavy lifting, before attempting, to speak to your physical therapist and arthroscopic shoulder surgery doctor.

What shoulder injuries does arthroscopic shoulder surgery treat?

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is often considered to provide treatment to shoulder pain that has not responded to any nonsurgical treatments from healthcare providers, or over-the-counter treatment options. Non-surgical treatment options that may have been tried before, and may often be used after surgery include:

– Physical therapy
– Injections
– Medication
– Rest

Shoulder arthroscopy will work to remove inflamed tissue; however, it can also treat the following injuries:

– Bone spurs
– Frozen shoulder
– Labrum tears
– Biceps tendon injuries
– Osteoarthritis
– Rotator cuff tendinitis
– Rotator cuff tears
– Shoulder impingement syndrome
– Dislocated shoulder

Before arthroscopic shoulder surgery can be completed, the doctor will review your health history. You will be requested to bring in your entire medication list, past medical history, and your identification. We may also ask you to stop using certain medications a few days before your surgery. Finally, we may also check your health before starting surgery, these tests include:

– Blood tests
– X-ray
– Electrocardiogram

What happens during shoulder arthroscopy?

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery takes less than an hour to complete. During the arthroscopic shoulder surgery:

– Patient will be semi-seated or laying on their side
– Surgical team will shave, if necessary, the area clean, and apply an antiseptic solution. The surgical team may also place your arm in a holding device to ensure it doesn’t move
– A surgical team member will inject fluid into the shoulder, this fluid will inflate the shoulder joint, which will make it easier for the surgeon to see the treatment area
– The surgeon will make a small hole, about the size of a buttonhole within the shoulder that is getting treated. A tiny arthroscope camera will be inserted into the incision to see clearly
– The surgeon will make any other small cuts necessary within the shoulder and insert tiny instruments to work
– Once the surgery has been completed, the surgical team will close the incisions with stitches or small bandages, and finally with a large bandage on top to secure it.

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